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Chevy Avalanche Rear Headrest Mod
Submitted By: bluedevil Date: September 21, 2008, 07:35:04 PM Views: 4233

Dont you get upset when you want to drop the rear seats and find out that you need to pull the front seats forward?
Well this mod puts an end to that. So easy a caveman can do it.

1- Insert a regular Panel Nail in pin hole and pull headrest out. (Don't use paper clip as they will bend).

2- This notch shown needs to be filed down on the flat side (left) in an angle.

3- Some folks use a Dremmel. I used my bench grinder as i dont have a Dremmel.

4-Grind headrest rod very smoothly to create a deep "V".

5- Perform grind work on all 4 rods.

6- Replace headrests back to their seats

7- Whenever you need to drop the rear seats,just pull headrests out and drop the seats without moving the front seats forward.

8- Whenever you need to bring the rear seats back up,simply reattach the headrests.

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