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Tow/Haul mode switch repair.
Submitted By: oHIobellboy Date: April 02, 2011, 02:20:23 PM Views: 8791
Summary: My tow/Haul switch quit working and this is how I repaired it.


Remove the tilt steering lever. It pops straight out.

this is what it looks like removed

Remove the dash bezel to give you some working room
   Park brake set,foot on brake, key ON, gear shift to low, pull bezel straight off.

Return shifter to park, turn key to off and remove key.

Under the steering column you will see some holes, check for screws or little tabs in them. My early 04 did not have anything in there.

Pull the lower housing off. It takes some wiggling. I got it apart and took the dash bezel off when putting it back together. Pull the dash bezel off first and learn from my mistake

Now it's time to hunt for the wire. Most of all the other reading I've done points to the place in the following pix of where mine was also broken.

Open that clip and remove the bottom one as well to give you some working room.

You'll see in this pix how that wire routes under the SC and goes to a plug. You can unplug  that if needed to give you more working slack. Just remember how it's routed or take a pix first for reference That orange wire on the right side of the pix holding the TH wire is where the lower black plug used to be. You'll see why I moved it in a few more pix.

This pix shows the wire out of BOTH clips. The lower one is around the wire and I did not wish to chance cutting the TH wire to remove it so I just cut the little "plug" part that keeps the wire into the metal part of the column. The previous pix shows I used some small gauge wire to secure the TH wire back in place.

My eyes aren't what they used to be and without taking it the rest of the way out of the truck to solder it at the workbench I cheated and used a couple of Scotchlocks that I shortened by cutting the feed end of them. The lower "plug" is now located above the "clamp plug" where the wire had originally broken. This will keep some slack above that hard black line you see running below the ignition switch. I checked many different ways to ensure that the range of motion for the scotchlocks will not impede anything nor will they cause the wires to tear apart. If it happens again then I will  take the whole thing apart, bring it inside and solder all new wire from the plug under the dash to the switch itself.  Note the orange wire I used to hold the TH wire back into the original lower hole.

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